Dey Must Hear Pesin - Limerick

" Iffa dey church I no dey like to share Testi-Mony
They fit go talk say make I help pesin"
"Now listen me I no too sabi beg Pesin
But at least if I broke I suppose tell pesin"
"They wan come finish me with question wey fit wreck pesin"
"Coz if I show inside club dey shack shekpe since"
"Fine geh you no dey friend pesin"
Commercial rappers go enter dey order Hennessey"
You say my nose too big like I be shrek pesin"
"I no be ogbanje na baby near pesin"
"We go tear pesin Dirty slap wey fih make PSP call pesin" 
What's the meaning of psp ?

"No dey give us headache o panadol pesin"
What's That ?
"Baba I get patient to give them sick flow and deep flows to make panke like tinco""Na me be the only player wey no dey wear jersey""I bet u never seen a fella who could spend like me""Gee boys wey dey work dey no dey tell pesin"

Dope lines from : Limerick Ft Olamide
From the song : PESIN
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